Panda Friendly SEO  Making Panda Friendly Websites  With the release of Google's new algorithm called ‘Panda’, the design of a website is now an important part of the Onsite SEO. Some say, Panda has changed the field of SEO forever.  But from what we can see now, these changes are good and in someways not changes at all. Still there is a large number of seo and web desigers saying, it is no longer a matter of making your website ‘Google friendly’. It now needs to be ‘Panda friendly’ as well. What is Panda? Panda is Googles machine-learning algorithm. Released in Feb 2011. The brain child of the engineer Navneet Panda was made by having human quality testers view and score thousands of web pages according to the quality and design quality, perceived trustworthiness, speed of page load time, ease of function & navigation and whether or not the person would bookmark or return to the website. The results were then fed into a program that compared the web pages and scores to determine what attributes or patterns (good or bad) could be recognized in an algorithm. Panda, simply put, gave Google a more humanized approach to rating sites.  Is their an SEO Difference in being Google Friendly and Panda Friendly?   In short, before Panda, unskilled website/seo builders could get away with a poorly designed site filled with several keyword heavy articles and see their web page climb to a better position as a result and still be considerered ‘Google Friendly’.  Now, with Panda on patrol, this can and should lower your position. This in part is nothing new. Google has always had some algorithms that examined things like keyword density and penalized keyword stuffing.  But Panda brings a bit more to the game. It is said to promote quality content sites while devaluing sites with: Weak content Copied content Poor function Poor design Ad heavy Slow load times Panda should increase the quality of search results in the same way that Google improves search quality by weeding out link farmers.  And in the end, it is just another good reason to keep the content relevant and websites designed for people not search engines. Is that a radical change from your current SEO practice? If so, embrace the Panda and reap the benifits of proper SEO.      
Making a Quality Website  Guidance on Making a High Quality Site  5 Common SEO Mistakes and 6 Good Ideas! Matt Cutts on Panda SEO  March 26,2012 Learn more about Panda (wiki)  5 Essentials in Creating a Quality Website  1. Write good/helpful/original content 2. Go easy on the number of ads 3. Make your design and navigation user friendly 4. Compress files when needed to get a faster load time 5. Ask your website visitors and yourself:  What can make the experience better for everyone?